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Strategy: Each year Mark Kistler and his team will work tirelessly to schedule Mark Kistler's Visual Arts Events around the world. Mark Kistler will continue his 40-year quest to share the joy of drawing with children by visiting Children's Hospitals, Children's Shelters, Schools, Summer Art Camps, Art Museums, Libraries, PBS Television Stations and Comic Conventions.

Funding: To raise funds for this purpose we are using this webpage APPEALING for direct financial contributions (tax deductible) from individuals (you), families, organizations, and businesses.

Using your powerful IMAGINATION, visualize your most wonderful, wild, crazy, cool, fabulous DREAMS!

Apply your drawing skills to illustrate your dreams!

Draw yourself starring in your own comic book adventure of Dream Conquering!

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You have THE DREAM!

You have illustrated your GOAL!

Now it's TIME to make it SO!

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We inspire young minds (and those young at heart) around the world to EXPAND their thinking from flat to 3-D through the awesome power of the visual arts.

Through personal appearances, webcasts, and books, we teach skills needed to succeed in the visual arts and in LIFE!

Visual Arts helps DEFINE a society's IMAGINATION.

The Imagination Initiative celebrates this through empowering each individual's creative potential

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein

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It's been an exciting, 40-year adventure, dedicating my career to inspiring students around the world how to DRAW!
Now, it's time for this next thrilling chapter... "The Imagination Initiative!". Please join our efforts of providing resources and vision to continue this effort of INSPIRING, educating, and promoting the power of the Visual Arts on a global scale! IMAGINE ALL the positive & creative impacts we can make, on lives around the world.
- Mark Kistler

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"SPARKS!" Project Co-Director

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Creator/Host PBS Cartoon Academy

Celebrity Artist Board Member

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"SPARKS!" Project Co-Director


Executive Producer & Co-Creator of PBS "Imagination Station"

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"SPARKS!" Director of Outreach & Engagement


Website Development Director

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