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"The Secret Cities of Mark Kistler" Celebrates the artist's 44-year legacy of 3D Drawing!

HOUSTON – Emmy Award Winning Artist Mark Kistler has a message for kids everywhere: “Dream it! Draw it! Do it!”

If you grew up watching PBS in the ‘80s and ‘90s, you’ll definitely remember Mark Kistler from his shows ‘The Secret City,’ ‘Draw Squad,’ and ‘Imagination Station.’ He made 3D drawings look like magic and inspired countless children worldwide to explore their creative side.

And he’s not done. He still teaches his tricks through fun streaming videos and in-person school assemblies.

His love of the craft and teaching others for over 44 years led him to a documentary honoring his incredible legacy, which won the best documentary award at the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con International Film Festival. The film is called ‘The Secret Cities of Mark Kistler.’ You can stream it on Apple TV, Prime, and Google Play, or buy a Blu-ray or DVD copy at Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

Watch Mark Kistler’s full interview in the video above. Plus, he teaches Derrick and Tessa how to draw a toucan in 3D. Let us know how they did in the comments below.

And if you like to connect with Mark, click here.

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