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The Actor Factor Podcast is hosted by two professional actors, Diego Garcia and Brad Ashten who chat with Hollywood professionals that include notable actors, directors, producers, casting directors, talent managers, agents and a whole lot more to get the inside scoop on the biz!

Brad Ashten is a life-long fan of Mark Kistler and became fascinated by him after seeing an assembly Mark gave at his school nearly 30 years ago when Mark appeared as Commander Mark in full space suit costume.

Ashten had never seen anything like the assembly before and was amazed by Mark’s passion for drawing and his boundless energy. Furthermore, Mark’s message to always approach any task in life with a positive attitude is a mantra that continues to motivate Brad.

This 43 minute podcast focuses on the Secret City, The Imagination Station, Mark’s upbringing, artistic influences, Draw3D.Com, live-streams and the creation of Mark’s latest book Half Hour Of Pencil Power.

You Can Listen on Apple Podcasts:

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